Yunshang Rice Noodle in Chinatown.

Would we come back? Food: yes. Bubble tea: no.

Should you try? Yes.

Located on Dundas near Spadina, Yunshang specializes in that funky kind of spicy broth where you dump your toppings and noodles into. Serena really likes rice noodles to start with, and especially like these super-salty broths.

We weren’t that hungry but craved for some bubble tea, and this place has a partnership with Presotea. We went with the basic $6.99 Large Panda Pearls Milk Tea. The tea was NOT the same as Presotea.

They didn’t ask us how much sugar and made it really sweet, but the biggest problem was how watered-down it tasted. We asked them to remake it with less sugar and more tea, which they did, but the milk tea flavour was still very diluted with water.

As for the food, we ordered the $2.99 House Special Teppanyaki Squid Skewer.

The flavour was quite nice, and despite being frozen, the texture and freshness was fine. Especially at that price, we enjoyed it.

Up next was Serena’s noodles. $11.99 Yunshang Rice Noodles with Fresh Sliced Tilapia and Chinese Sauerkraut. The tilapia was quite fresh, and tasted better than the other whole tilapia we had the other day. I thought the flavour was quite good, and not as salty as some other places.

I had the $5.99 Oyster and Egg Pancake. Abundance of oysters inside! In contrast to the T&T Night Market food stall, this had loaded amounts of oysters packed in, and the flavour was nice and strong. I was very impressed by this, and didn’t expect to!

Overall, it was quite enjoyable. Definitely a place we might come back to.