Nearly a year ago, you welcomed me back.

I had just landed back in Toronto after a 2-week trip to Japan, and the first person to welcome me back was you.

We first started talking 3 weeks earlier, just before I went away on my solo trip. Right from the beginning, I enjoyed talking to you, which was why I dreaded that my vacation might mean I wouldn’t be able to talk to you for 3 weeks. Would you even remember me after I return?

Little did I know, I would spend my entire trip messaging you.

When I woke up each day, I would wonder if you’ve finished work. Going to dance class? Had dinner yet? I couldn’t wait to talk to you. How often did I stand still on the sidewalk, totally absorbed in our conversations?

I remember one time, we had just finished an hour-long conversation, and when I stood up, I almost panicked because I forgot where I was. I really like the feeling of losing track of time because of how much I enjoy talking to you.

If I saw anything remotely interesting, I would take a photo and send it to you. Food? Send photo. Bug stuck between windows? Send photo. Places that make me wish you were here to experience together with me? Send photo.

I remember my first trip to Japan. I have always enjoyed the freedom of solo trips: go where you want, eat what you want, sleep and wake whenever you want without having to accommodate others…

But this time, traveling solo felt lonely.

The afternoons were the most productive times, because you would have gone to sleep. The afternoons were also the most painful times, because you’re not there with me.

I missed you so much when you slept, and always feel selfish when I secretly wish you’d wake up in the middle of the night to say hi. When you actually do wake up in the morning, I feel like winning the lottery every time! Serena is awake! Serena said good morning! Serena sent a smiley face to me!

You make me so happy…  When people asked me what were the highlights of my vacation, I told them it’s getting to talk to Serena every day. I would explain that there’s this girl I can’t stop talking to (and can’t stop thinking about), and it’s because of you that I had such a memorable trip.

So on November 17, 2016, when my train from Pearson to Union was delayed, we made a last-minute decision to meet up and have dinner. I wanted to pay for the meal, but you wanted to treat me as a “welcome home” gesture.

More than just a welcome home, I felt like you welcomed me into your life.

Even after returning to our daily work routines, we still messaged each other all the time. We had opposite sleeping schedules since I worked nights, but we still found time to chat.

You make life so much more enjoyable. You amplify how good a meal tastes, how exciting a stroll down the street feels, and how happy I am to have you in my life.

I want to spend every waking moment with you.

In the winter, I would finish work and call you on Facetime while still in my car, and talk until it’s either time for you to go to work, or until I start shivering. I enjoy our time together so much, there’s never enough time!

A customer gave me a bath bomb once. He works for the LUSH warehouse, so they get to take home products with minor defects. He always brings soaps and such to my coworkers. This one time, he said while handing one to me:

“Give this to your wife.”

We had only known each other for 3 months by then. I knew he only assumed I was married, but I was too giddy to correct him!

Only a month prior, I became dissatisfied with addressing you as “my date” and asked you to be my girlfriend. By January, I also became dissatisfied with calling you “my girlfriend.”

Some people think we are moving too fast, but the reality is, we are already such integral parts of each other’s lives. You’re so important to me.

You asked me back in November what I wanted…

I want a future with you.

I want to make you happy.

I want you to feel safe.

I want you to say and do whatever you want and know that it’s okay.

I want you to feel loved all the time.


My darling, Serena

I love you




You see, I can’t wait to ask you to marry me either 

The first time we met was at our university, and there, I want us to start the next chapter of our lives.

You took 1 specialist program and I had 2 majors over 7 years. Although classes were all over campus, each of the 3 programs had its own building. Coincidentally, the 3 buildings are right next to each other, and in their centre is a court yard.

See you there at 11:00am 😀