A lot of restaurants close on Mondays, and almost ALL the museums take Mondays as holidays too. Our original lunch choice was closed, so we went to Boris Bistro.

The foie gras is, unfortunately, the pâté kind, which wasn’t that great.

Squash soup was also kind of meh..

The ambiance is quite nice though.

My chops on squash was okay, but the portion sizes were still a little small to be full.

The scallops were pretty nice. The risotto was just okay…

We packed up a bit from steamed buns from Chinatown and rode the train back home.

A pretty nice trip overall. Not everything was smooth, including a 2-hour delay on our way out of Toronto, due some power outage that affected the entire CN rail network, which caused us to arrive after the tourist information centre closed on Friday, and couldn’t redeem our museum pass until the next day.

This worked out though, because it was so cold and raining on our first night here, that we didn’t end up going outside at all.

The museum pass that we bought didn’t really get enough usage. That was for a few reasons:

  1. Museums are closed on Mondays.
  2. Museums are only open until 5:00 pm.
  3. We were more interested in food.

We still got our money’s worth, but it was hmm, mostly the transit pass was useful.

So we might think twice about getting city passes next time.