For breakfast, we went to Passé Composé, a fairly highly-rated restaurant and brunch place.

We came at a good time on Sunday, and there wasn’t a line up yet, so we were promptly seated.

I really appreciate how the space had ample natural lighting. It’s good to be able to see the food!

Croque Madame with bleu cheese. The cheese was too strong, but everything else was great.

Foie gras with poached eggs. The foie gras was more along the oily side, but still good. The golden berry was a nice touch, and the colour combination was really pleasing on the eyes.

We took a trip to the Biodome afterwards, which was nice and warm in this cold weather.

Everybody wants a picture of the raccoon’s butt.

Smoking meat restaurant. We couldn’t make it to Schwartz, so we came here along the way in Old Montreal. I thought this was okay.

Beaver tail. A little too sweet.

Notre Dame Basilica.

It was 11:00 pm on Sunday when we got around to eating, and not many places were open, except for this place in Chinatown. The mushroom on greens dish was great, but cost about $30. The oysters were also great, around $4 each. Pretty good. The others were kind of meh.

We ran back home to rest for the night.