We started our day with breakfast at L’Oeufrier, a chain restaurant for breakfast, recommended for their poutine. This ended up being the only poutine we had for our whole trip.

Typical breakfast choices, with really nice potato chips.

The poutine, instead of on fries, it’s also on potato chips. No gravy, just nice cheese.

A fancy gummy store called Squish (there’s also one in the underground market under the downtown Hudson Bay now). I really like the Sour Red Roses flavour.

Stumbled across this free Barbie Exhibit. Barbies dressed up in all different cultures and fictional characters.

Had a quick bite at Sushi Shop. Only about $20 for a quick bite like this, the flavour and quality are both really nice.

For dinner, we went to Cadet, one of the fancier, more expensive places. It was pretty nice. Small portion sizes, but good taste.

Foie gras was quite nice.

Scallops were very juicy!

It was a nice meal!