Waialua Bakery for Acai bowl. Compared to the franchised Lanikai Juice, this tastes more hearty. You feel like you’re getting chunks of actual fruits in much larger quantity, although it looks less refined and less elegant.

They also had ice cream sandwiches. If you’re okay with having lots of butter, these cookies are nice and soft. Reduces lifespan.

Being in the north, we had to go to one of the shrimp trucks. North shore has shrimp farms, and these farms compete for business with food trucks. The most famous is Giovanni’s, but I like to avoid the #1 since they are over-rated. We went to the #2 in that area, Big Wave Shrimp, which was quite mediocre and I regretted it.

The Garlic Shrimp had mushy garlic. Not crispy at all. Even the fast-food steak place had better shrimps than here… Should have lined up at Giovanni’s…

On our drive, we suddenly noticed a Coconut stand along the road. The had 3 sizes, the large being mostly water, while medium has more meat, and small is the oldest and is mostly meat. Thinking I’d try both water and meat, I chose Medium.

The water was not that sweet, and had a bit of carbonated acidity to it. It was interesting, and different from the kinds we get in supermarkets in Canada. After we finished the water, we hand it back and the scoop out the meat.

The meat was disgusting. It was way to old, as you can see from the thickness of the meat.

For dinner, we used our Go Oahu Card to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center, which included a buffet and multiple shows.

The buffet was pretty standard. It was the lower-range buffet, while an upgraded buffet had better offerings.

Meat items had the local kinds of dishes like pulled pork. The taro buns were great.

Saturday was the KCC Farmer’s Market. It’s popular with both locals and tourists. Gets packed very fast. The KCC is the local college, so this is in their parking lot.

These jumbo shrimps were quite good. Different from any other shrimp we’ve had on this trip. Very sweet meat and amazing flavour.

Quite a few Japanese booths, and we ordered some takoyaki. We still prefer the standard sauce type instead of the onion variant.


The longest line was for abalone. It was about $10 for 3, and it just tasted like tough-to-chew scallops. Quite skipable.

After the market, we went to Heavenly Lifestyle. Serena had Loco Moco here last time, so we came to see. It was quite good. I have to say, the sauce had a strong ginger flavour, and is not the teriyaki style I had imagined. If there’s a way to recreate that sauce at home… hmm… it would be great.

We also had their pineapple parfait. Wow, because it’s like shaved ice, but with pineapples instead of flavouring shots, this was quite concentrated. Quite nice. Probably the best pineapple item I’ve had all trip.

Not being quite full, I went to the volcano ramen at Kazan Ramen. The gimmick is pouring broth into a hot stone bowl, so steam comes out, then you eat after a minute. We went for the small size, and I couldn’t finish at all. The flavour was very average. Feel like I’ve had better in Toronto.

In the evening, we went for Karai Crab, which tosses boiled seafood into a bag with sauce. Captain’s Boil in GTA is about the same, but Karai Crab had very nice crabs and fresher seafood. However, we still preferred the sauce at Captain’s Boi.

Saving the best for last, the breakfast buffet at Lychee was the biggest disappointment. After