Danish Pastry House, originally in Oakville, opened up a small shop in Union Station. Sherway Gardens has this larger shop which we visited in September.

They make 3 types of baked goods: bread, pastries, and cake-like desserts. The pastries are extremely expensive, on average $4-5 each

$3.50 Apple Fish, we didn’t get this.

We picked up this similar version with almond. It was not bad. Not amazing either. Tastes like a normal apple tart.

The $3.50 Traestamme was an overly-sweet coconut dessert. Serena had one bite and that was enough. I finished it over 2 days. Not good.

The $4.75 Peach & Passion fruit Cheesecake was fantastic. It actually tasted more like an Asian pastry, having the fruit jelly on top. We both liked this quite a lot.

Overpriced half-cookies.

Dry-looking cake.

We also bought a loaf of their sourdough bread. That was quite good for dipping. (They don’t do slicing here).

On the other hand, their sesame bread are just disastrously dry and scratchy…

If that wasn’t enough sugar, we went for more ice cream.

I thought Purdy’s ice cream was quite mediocre. The only saving grace was the hardened chocolate shell on top with almonds.

For lunch, we went to the regrettable Amaya. The Chana Masala Samosa was a salty mess. We should have gotten just plain samosas. The “butter chicken” tasted like dry chicken breasts dipped in tomato sauce or ketchup. It was just bad.

Maybe we should have just gotten to Bourbon Chicken instead.