After buying a $25 work lamp from Rona, it’s time to take photos of home cooking…

First up, pork belly. Turned out okay. Pressure cooked for 40 minutes.

What I did right this time was NOT ADDING crazy stuff like mirin and shaoshing wine. Just sugar and soy sauce, and reduce to caramelize.

Next time: try pressure cooking for longer, maybe 50 minutes.

Next, some beans. Very mediocre.

I tried de-stringing, but still had lots deep inside…

Also, didn’t cook long enough.

Next time: cook longer at lower temperature. Maybe add more sugar…?

Hash browns turned out okay, but not cohesive enough.

Without adding eggs, I was mostly aiming to let the starch dissolve after microwaving, but clearly not enough time. Probably need 5 minutes next time. Otherwise, the taste was okay. Probably could benefit from more oil.

Sukiyaki. Wow this looks horrible. I guess not enough soy sauce, but Serena doesn’t like it too dark, so the colours are kind of funky. Turned out okay, and the daikon surprisingly softened up in enough time. The Tofu had no taste, so maybe need to be added earlier.

Mapo tofu. Adding a lot of oil was a good idea. Numbing peppers was critical to add the Ma to the La. Should have added green onions later to preserve more colour.

Eggplant, not good. Didn’t microwave long enough, so had to overcook in pan. Use of oil was good though. Hmm.