We only started going to La Casa Dolce because our wedding hall uses them as the cake vendor.

They actually make some great sandwiches!

Since Serena just had two wisdom teeth taking out, we’re sticking with soft food.

Tender steak sandwich was nicely flavoured with the honey mustard. Even after the panini press, the buns were still soft. Quite good.

The deluxe BLT with omelette bagel was also nice. The last time the omelette had peppers in it and tasted better. But this was still pretty good.

We tried their tiramisu. I wasn’t too much of a fan. The espresso flavour was a little too mild for me. I don’t normally drink coffee, but I do like coffee in my cakes.

The main reason we were here was for tasting the cake flavours. From top-left going clockwise:

  1. Raspberry fudge: WINNER! Not too sweet, and the berry balances with the chocolate.
  2. Coconut Cream Pie: Nasty too sweet, and many people don’t like coconut.
  3. Espresso Mocha Chocolate: I don’t taste the mocha or espresso.
  4. Nutella Chocolate: Not much flavour. Doesn’t taste like either hazelnut or Nutella.

As I’m writing this post, Serena tell me she’s craving those sandwiches again…