We met up with my friend to go to Tofu Village in Koreatown. I used to like coming to this place. Good portion sizes and used to think they had good flavours. See the banchan in the top right? Sweet potato in a sweet sauce. Quite nice. I like all the banchan from this place.

Glass noodles turned out too be more greasy than I thought. Not that good.

The tofu soup was alright. Had to wait a while for it to cool down. Had a few seafood pieces in there, but generally lacked some flavour.

Pork bone soup seemed average.

Hard to chew galbi.

For dessert, we went to a small cafe next door. Can’t remember the name. I’m still a fan of sesame ice cream.

Butter baker opened up on Dundas. When I first walked by it and tried the croissant, it was quite nice. All the other desserts were very sub-par.

Travelling east for brunch, we went to Maple Leave Tavern.

On the pricey side for fairly standard common grub.

Let’s try something we don’t see everyday. $3.00 Sour pickled eggs. Taste spoiled. Bleh. Serena liked them though. I’m still used to my sweet and salty eggs.

Don’t remember which menu item this was called. Pretty good taste, small though.

$14 Tavern Breakfast. Scrambled eggs, sausage, grilled bacon, roasted mushroom, crispy potato, grilled tomato, and toast. Not bad. Portions seemed small at first, but not that bad. Still lacked veggies in my opinion.

$18 Grilled Beef Short Rib and Salami. Portion size was VERY small. Taste was just okay.

Longo’s cake of the month for $24.99. This month is blackberry pistachio. Quite nice. While not exactly high-end, it’s an affordable cake that’s more creative than usual grocery store cakes.

In moderation isn’t too bad, right?

GB Pulled Noodle, near Bay and Elm. Classic ground pork noodle.



Their broth is fairly nice. Light, yet flavourful.

We started looking around for a house. There was this house near Downsview Station. It’s easy enough for TTC, but too far of a drive for me on the 401 to Milton. It looks nice from the street, but that’s just a stone facade. The actual house is quite quite old on the inside.

Very nice neighbourhood though. This is the view from the front door. It’s a park right across.

Here’s what the basement looks like. Bit of a dungeon. We ended up putting down an offer for about $725,000 but ended up not going along with it because of the distance. It was quite affordable, and the environment was very nice. Just distance.

We went to the Bridal Show to get some ideas for vendors.

Pretty small event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The highlight was the runway show. Very nice to look at, but didn’t really give much inspiration. Fun to watch!

JaBistro again for sushi.

$27 classic 7-piece nama raw sushi.

$14 Hokkaido salad, with snow crab, ikura, salted salmon. Pretty nice flavour.

We still mostly like them for their torched aburi sushi.

$15 Saba oshizushi and $16 salmon oshizushi. Yeah, this is what we came here for.

Another morning brunch, at the Senator near to Yonge-Dundas. We like their fruit jams.

$15.95 Real Good Plate. Bacon and Eggs, Buttermilk Pancake, Home fries, Maple Baked Beans, and Challah Toast. Begging for HEART ATTACK.

$14.95 Huevos Rancheros. 2 Eggs, Chorizo, Black Beans, Tomato Salsa, Avocado, and Home Made Cornbread. Cornbread was quite nice, haven’t had that in a long time.

Despite being so close, it’s our first time going to Kimchi Korea House on Dundas. This was some kind of boiled pork. Very spicy with the other pepper ingredients. Not bad.

Somehow I picked this sweet and sour pork. It was okay. I guess Kimchi Korea House still targets students. Large portion sizes, affordable, and can’t complain.

Being the summer, time for some more gelato at G for Gelato…

Mango was okay, always get pistachio, and forgot what the white one was. We really like their gelato, which has fairly intense fruit flavours without being overly sweet.