Every time we walk by Sumac, it’s always AFTER we’ve eaten. Every single time.

So this time, I picked some up and brought them to Serena’s workplace.

They make freshly grilled items, so it took about 20 minutes to get everything ready.

Chicken something. Pretty good flavour and sauce. Too much rice though.

Special poutine. It was… okay.

Also just okay…

We ate at Nome Izayaka in North York in the evening.

Tuna tartare with avocado.

This salad was amazing! Really good dressing.

Dollar oysters.

Black cod risotto.

Their oden was quite impressive. Good flavour, and large portion size! I’ll definitely be back for this.

We had milestones on a late night after class. It wasn’t very good…

Lamb chops. Hmm. Stiff. Hard to chew.

Black cod again. Supposed to be miso-glazed, but tasted really salty and dry…

For lunch, we had Mercatto. Their pasta was quite nice.

Smoked meat panini. The bread was kind of stale and hard, but still okay.

On Sunday, we visited the Antique Market. Near it was Market Street Catch, a seafood restaurant.

Really nice assorted seafood platter. It was very fresh, and didn’t taste that greasy. The dipping sauces were very nice, too.

Good panini and coleslaw.

In the evening, we had dinner at the Keg.

Tuna tartare was good as usual, on a bed of avocado.


I had the classic steak. It was pretty good.

Finishing off with some Billy Miner Pie. A little too sweet actually, but we still finished it.

Lots of eats this week!