We went to Dim Sum King for lunch. It’s our current go-to place for dim sum. Very reasonably priced, good spacious tables, and quite good service.

I like the cart-pushing style, where you are visited by servers, and you can see exactly what you’re getting. You can also request specific items if they are not circulating.

Tiny ribs with lots of cartilage.

Pan fried shrimp dumplings.

Some fried dough. It’s actually denser than the way I like, but Serena likes this more.

Porridge with some ground pork.

My greens! Very nice!

Sweet soft tofu. I’m getting more used to the sweet flavour now, being more used to the salty version from Northern China.

Nadege is our favourite sweets shop so far. Nice flavours. I like the smaller bite size cakes, which I think are the perfect portion sizes.

They also have full size cakes. We got one for my dad’s birthday, and it’s pretty good.

Haven’t tried these yet.

Soleil d’automne. We like this.

Pecan Pie Moderne. Pretty nice.