It’s hard to think that these photos were taken 7 months ago, and this is the first chance we’ve had to post these.

Pablo opened on Dundas street in August, and we did not like it. The cheesecakes was very watery inside. It was so bad that we threw it into the garbage after a few bites. We’re not sure if it’s supposed to be that watery, or if they didn’t bake it for long enough. Presentation was beautiful, but the texture was didn’t taste right.

In the evening, we went to SongCook’s Authentic Korean Restaurant.

Everything was SPICY! That’s all I remember… Hot and cold dishes, all spicy…

Glutinous cakes covered in spicy hot sauce.

The tonkatsu was pretty good. Crispy, with a nice balance of dipping sauce.

Always need a soup to finish the meal.

Thursday morning, we woke up early to harvest the garden vegetables.

The photo below is that of a winter melon. Adorably fuzzy.

And the thriving swiss chard that we never ate.

We later went to the Exhibition. The Food Hall’s main attractions were mostly unhealthy food.



These animal-shaped ottomans were very cute, and surprisingly very comfortable too. Just a bit too pricey at around $100 each.

Oh the taffy. Did we ever finish eating them?

Ah this game… spent $20 there. Feels like another $10 and I might have won something for Serena… I guess that’s what all gamblers say… One more round, one more round…

After picking up our rings, we went to Nami, one of my favourite restaurants downtown.

Nami specializes in both sushi and the grill bar. We started with some sushi.

Then we moved onto some yakitori, accompanied by the shichimi togarashi (7-spice).


This grilled mushroom was just heavenly. Very very juicy and slathered in butter.

And then more grilled items… From left to right, we have the picked radish, yaki onigiri, steak, black code, and scallops.

The desserts were simply matcha and sesame ice cream.

Having collected 9 stamps from Kekou Gelato, we went to redeem the free scoop right before it expired!

What flavour was that…


Can’t wait for summer again!