We ate at Bareburgers right after work, as I was craving pickles and mustard.

Bareburgers was a fairly hipster burger place with gluten-free and vegan options, and a fairly eccentric soundtrack to fit the atmosphere, which I enjoyed.

The burger was customizable and tasted good, very fresh mustard.

I found the onion rings to be lacking in onion flavour and just greasy batter, but Serena liked it, tasting the subtle spice in the batter seasoning.

The sweet potato fries were quite good, too. Crispy and not too greasy.

We also ordered a strawberry chocolate smoothie, very rich and creamy.

Lunch time we hit up a food truck, K-Bop.

Bulgogi beef.

Chicken bowl. Quite flavourful. The nori seaweed was a good addition.

Dinner at JaBistro before seeing a musical.

Ordered 3 of the aburi oshizushi: assorted aburi, ebi (shrimp), and JaBistroll.

The aburi were quite nice, with good marinade.

The black cod (not pictured) was a rip-off. It was overly salty for a small piece with nasty white sauce on the side and random orange zest… $38. I’ll stick to sushi next time.

Went and saw Mrs. Henderson Presents at Royal Alexandra Theatre after. It was okay, and we were surprised to see actual nudity on stage (both male and female). Not bad, but not great either, as the plot was rather thin and hard to feel for any of the characters. Basically a story about a theatre in London in the 1940s that featured nude women as art.

Cooked at home. Green leaf stir fry.

Pork rib soup with bamboo shoots.

Sunday was a warm day, so we walked along Queen Street to Bell Trinity Park. Caught blossoms at golden hour, when my camera batteries died. Alas… a lesson to bring spare batteries and to check every few days.

Monday lunch at Aroma Fine Indian Buffet. I liked the selection, but Serena still preferred Little India. We shall have to try there next time.