Thursday night we went to the buffet Sushi Spring at Yonge-Dundas Square.

$27.99 per person. It can be expensive, but given the cost of ingredients they use, it does make sense. And while the fish quality and flavour may not be as good as Kaka, this is much closer than Markham.

Mango salad was a little raw.


There were actually several more plates of sushi, and it was too many to take photos of.

Looks good, doesn’t it? Too bad it was really bland and extremely greasy…

So much food…

There are both warm and cold dishes to choose from.

We went to Inn on the Twenty for an overnight trip.

It’s located in Jordan, Ontario, which is between Hamilton and St. Catherine’s. Jordan is a very small town, and most tourists will mostly come to stay at this Inn and its associated restaurant, and tour along the small businesses along the main street. Very walkable. And within a close drive are wineries and beautiful landscapes.

The Inn is 2 storeys high, and have about 15-20 rooms, I would estimate. It also has a spa attached to the building, and we ordered the 1-hour couples’ massage package, which also includes dinner.

The room was comfortable, and had a small garden attached to the Rittenhouse room on the ground floor. The interior also had a large hot tub and fireplace. It was spacious and comfortable.

We had a wonderful dinner during sunset at Dine on the Twenty. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The restaurant far exceeded our expectations. For a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, we thought it might be a tourist trap, but no, the meals were beautifully crafted.

A carpaccio platter, with brussel sprouts and cheese. Nice thin slices.

$19 foie gras “seared quebec foie gras with pressed rhubarb tart, reduced icewine, rhubarb jelly.” Serena really enjoyed this one.

$34 Beef Cheeks “12-hour braised beef cheeks, roasted seasonal vegetables, upper canada ricotta cheese and truffle tortellini, red wine jus.” So tender…

$35 Duck “roasted muscovy duck breast, burnt honey and carrot purée, flowering broccoli, green top carrots, vanilla and orange jus.”

Espresso and an apple custard.

Mini dessert muffin.

Breakfast was also included, which was a continental buffet. Again, this was very enjoyable. After we checked out, we strolled through town a bit, and then drove out to the Outlet Collection at Niagara before heading home, where we bought some summer athletic tees and work shoes.


For dinner, we went to The Black Tree. It’s a small restaurant tucked into Roseland Plaza in Burlington. It’s hard to find, and Chef Matteo Paonessa is perfectly fine with this location, and prefers letting diners discover the place on their own. At $80 per person (with additional $20 for foie gras), the 6-course meal is pricey. We enjoyed it.

Some warm, freshly baked bread to start.

Soup Taste.

Little Salad.

Duck. Duck. Duck.

Giant Vanilla Prawn.

Foie Gras.

Gnocchi Tease.

Sweet Cardamom Sablefish.

Black Plum Deer.

The desserts were eaten too quickly, so I didn’t get a photo of those. But they are White Chocolate Rhubard Parfait, Apricotta, and Matteo’s own mother’s chocolate fudge, made daily.

It was quite a nice experience eating at the Black Tree.

What a fun weekend!