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Dolce Gelato – Kensington Market

Several gelato places along Spadina Avenue. In Kensington is Dolce Gelato.

Would I come back? Probably not. Flavour is not exceptional, and service is unfriendly.

Should you go? Maybe, but since you can’t sample without paying for a full portion first, probably not.

Serena had been to this location before, so we gave it a try.

When we asked to sample, they told us we had to pay for a full portion first before letting us try. I guess they had a lot of tourists just try and leave.

I tried pistachio first, as usual. It was bland and didn’t even taste like pistachio.

So we stuck with more conservative options of blueberry yogurt and mango dream.

The blueberry yogurt was okay. The blueberry was very faint, less than what’s in Astro blueberry yogurt… It wasn’t bad, but you’re better off going to a frozen yogurt place than this. The mango dream was full of mango flavour. Tastes like they used both mango nectar as well as mango chunks.

As for service, the two staff both looked like they were in bad moods, and were not courteous at all. Not a smile, no thank you’s.

So no, probably not coming back.

Daango Pastry Lab – Kensington Market

Grand opening of Daango Pastry Lab, an off-shoot of Daango Cake Lab that focuses more on small creations instead of cakes.

It’s a small location near the seafood shop in Kensington. Serena knew the owner, Christopher Siu, from undergrad, who also happened to study at U of T Pharmacy. This is my first time meeting him, and my first time trying out his baking.

I don’t have many photos of the pastries because I didn’t have enough room inside the store to take a photo, and after we got home, the pastries were tossed around in the car a little too much. I do have the cute little mascarpone espresso thing below:

Neither of them were overly-sweet, and presentation is quite amazing with the amount of attention to detail. We did find the cakes too hard and fruit flavour too bland. In the case of the matcha cake, it was dry and had a strange chemical taste.

I felt the cake texture could be improved, and the matcha cake could use a higher-quality matcha powder.

We would love to go back in a few months and see how things have improved.


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