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2018 July – The D-Spot

After shopping for glass vase for the wedding from Viva la Rose (aka Richview Glass), we searched for a dessert or bakery shop in the airport area.

We found The d-spot.

If you think the “d-spot” sounds slightly suggestive, just keep in mind that it’s in the same building as “Sugar Daddy’s” night club…

The interior is whimsically decorated. With the ceiling being an inverted birthday cake.

Sugar-themed decoration is everywhere.

We ordered two desserts. The first was a “Triple Coco” dish. We were expecting a chocolate fudge brownie kind of thing, but no…

The “coco” wasn’t just “cocoa”. It also included “coconut”… Overly sweet, and fairly terrible dish. We did not finish it.

The next one was better. Mocha ice cream over fluffy waffle.

The waffle was quite light and tasted wonderful. The mocha ice cream paired well with it. As for the chocolate syrup and icing, we did not touch those at all since it was sweet enough as it is.

Overall it was one good and one miss. If we come back, it would be for the waffles.

2018 July

There aren’t any good bakeries near where we live, so we tried out this place called French Corner Patisserie 10 minutes drive away.

It was not good. The sponge cake tasted dry and flavourless. The almond cake tasted like regular flour. Overall, just very low skill level. We also bought some regular bread and still not good. Onto the next place…

The only reliable sweets place we’ve liked has been Sugar Marmalade. It’s a chain restaurant specializing in drinks and desserts, and the occasional side of deep fried food.

Left: Coconut milk with glutinous rice balls. Right: Coconut jelly scraped out from previous coconut.

And Serena’s favourite: black pepper chicken katsu over rice. This tastes extremely salty to me, but Serena just can’t get enough of this.

And the drink we always get, their special Royal Mango drink, with yogurt pops. We like it equally for the mango syrup and half for the pops. Nice texture.

For Summerlicious, we went to Cactus Club Cafe beside the BMO building downtown.

Salad: extra sour. Flooded with vinegar, this was tough to finish. The Kale was okay, but the dressing, dear lord.

The tuna tartare was okay. A little tasteless, but Serena liked it.

Stead for the main. This was actually pretty good. Cooked rare enough, and seasoned well.

Salmon being the other main. Quiet crispy and not fishy.

For dessert, the little mocha cups. EXTRA SWEET. Hard to swallow.

The brownie fudge, also VERY SWEET. Yikes.

Overall, I’d say it was an okay meal. The atmosphere and decor were nice, but the food is completely passable. Maybe the volume of Summerlicious caused them to sacrifice quality. I don’t know.

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