In May, it’s been 4 months since we moved into our new place. The Magnolia tree has bloomed, and it does look quite nice to herald the coming of spring. Between this and cherry blossoms, I think we’re enjoying the large pedals from the magnolia much more.

Of course, that’s only the front yard. The backyard was a whole different story.

The hardwood and laminate floors that were ripped out in the winter are finally getting thrown away. The backyard consists of weeds and demolition material…

Throwing them out and trying not to get stabbed by rusty nails or splinters.

We also started eating hotpot at home. This was the first time we cooked it, and used the full-sized stove range to cook this. Cost-wise, we spend less than $20 for the both of us, whereas it easily costs $60 if we went to a restaurant.

This was from back when we didn’t even take the plastic covers off of the chairs!

Fun times living on an air mattress and eating at the stove.