Finally getting back into a few more photos. Cooked this for breakfast on a Sunday. Low-quality rib eye on the top left, store-bought frozen yakisoba and samosas, and watermelon.

Went to Toronto’s Greektown to Florida Greek Restaurant. Serena has been here before for their spit-grilled meat.

Some regular bread. It was okay. Not too stale, but also flavourless.

A fairly nice Greek salad. The cheese was nice, but a little too much onion.

Where’s the meat picture?!?!

After lunch, we went to Tsaa for some tea. The tea flavour is quite good, like their Rose tea, but way too much sugar. It was overly sweet that I couldn’t finish it.

A crepe from the same place. Taro ice cream had some really unnatural looking purple colour. Otherwise fairly well-made.

Back in Mississauga, we visited a Filipino cuisine restaurant called Berto’s.

Similar to Tinuno in Toronto, they also serve this grilled food set on leaves. As a comparison shot, below are a few shots from Tinuno’s:

In retrospect, using a 50mm lens is pretty tough for taking photos of the entire plate…

We thought Berto’s had better pork and fish, while Tinuno had better vegetables and fruits.

End of the month, we went to Toronto to see Wicked the musical. But first, food!

Our first stop was to Sud Forno, the bakery owned by Terroni.

The top slice was lemon something on chocolate. Quite good. The bottom one only Serena liked, which was almond flour something that I couldn’t taste much out of.

We also grabbed a cannoli and 3 types of biscotti. The Cannoli was nice, but the biscotti, all three, were below average. Lacking in flavour.

For actual lunch, we went to Gusto 101.

Good environment, and coming at 3:00 pm meant very little wait.

Serena went for pasta while I got a burger.

$19.99 Mafalde ai Funghi: Portobello, porcini, and oyster mushrooms, with truffle cream sauce. It was pretty interesting. Serena enjoyed it, I thought it was a little bland.

$17.99 Gusto Americano Burger accompanied by Tuscan fries. It was okay. Not as good as certain Kensington market burgers, and I think I just needed more ketchup and/or honey mustard.

The fries were VERY nice. Great on its own, and can also go with the dip.

We then saw Wicked, which I thought had an excellent story, poorly adapted into a musical due to weak music composition. The singing was easily the least enjoyable musical I’ve seen. Better luck next time.