Sunday Brunch time.

We’ve been meaning to go to Kravings for a while.

Serving up Brunch every day.

$12.95 The Flip Side. 2 fried eggs, house-made longanisa pork sausage, crunchy garlic rice, banana pepper sauce, cucumbers and pickled green papaya slaw.

There was a piece of pubic hair in the rice. Hmm… Ignoring that, the rest was okay. Nothing too special.

$16.50 Chicken N’ Waffles. Boneless fried chicken, candied bacon n’ jalapeno waffle, bacon dressing, and house-made slaw. Voted the best “Chicken waffle” in Mississauga, this was fairly average.

A side trip to Dairy Queen, Serena got this pineapple sundae. And so starts the DQ obsession.